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Just last night we learned that West is hard at work on yet another art project to debut in 2014.

"We just [figured] out a new project for next year," Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani teased on the red carpet before she was  honored for her humanitarian work by the Dream For Future Africa Foundation at Spago in Beverly Hills. “It’s about Africa, art and music. He’s more than music. He’s not only about music.”

Sozzani had been with West earlier in the day to discuss their collaboration. There wasn’t much talk about his proposal extravaganza. “I just saw the pictures of the kid,” Sozzani said, referring to baby North. “He’s proud of the kid and happy for the engagement.”

While Kimye was attracting a lot of the spotlight last night, Sozzani’s rare appearance in Los Angeles had all the fashionistas buzzing.

"She is so important to our industry," model-actress Amber Valetta said. “I don’t think people realize, because she’s so humble and quiet, how much she’s really changes and had an impact on pop culture…She has inspired so many great artists to do great work.”

"We wanted to come out and support Franca, who has been a good friend of Kanye’s," Kardashian told me. "She’s stunning. She looks like a Dolce & Gabbana ad, a classic beauty."

Rachel Zoe added, “It’s a huge deal. I don’t know the last time she was in L.A…She is one of the chicest women in the world. She’s one of my idols. I’m pretty excited.”

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